Sunday, July 12, 2009

Los Angeles Times Publishes Series Of Articles On California Board Of Registered Nursing And Discipline Of Nurses

The July 12, 2009 edition of the Los Angeles Times has an article regarding the oversight of nurses and the California Board of Registered Nursing. This article is entitled "Problem Nurses Stay On As Patients Suffer" and is one of a series of reports and can be found at:

A related story entitled "Lives Ruined And Worse" ran in the same L.A. Times edition:,0,2930799.story

Nursing Board Attorney Commentary:
he article is sure to engender an outcry for the Board to be tougher on nurses and to speed up the discipline process. The article, however, focuses on certain cases, the length of time it takes for the Board to investigate a case and give the licensed nurse his or her legal right to a hearing. the article further neglects to consider how many licensed nurses are in California and that the Board can often be heavy handed when it comes to discipline.

The L.A. Times does not address why the hospitals, supervising physicians, health care agencies and other employers of nurses are not taking responsibility for the nurses. When nurses are not properly trained or there is insufficient staffing, errors can occur.

Instead of an even handed analysis of the issue, the articles create a dire view of the situation when, in fact, a few bad cases are not the rule. Discipline and investigations should ensue but it should not be an overreaction to simply take away a person's license without adequately investigating the case and providing full due process.

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